A live album brought to life through compelling characters, music, storytelling, dance, and movement, Climb traces the familiar ups and downs of a relationship. Music blending bossa nova, jazz, reggae, and soul written and performed by Duane Forrest narrates the journey of Diego (Dwain Murphy / Duane Forrest) from a devastating breakup to meeting the captivating Mariela (Sandra Aguilar), who is grappling with her own difficult past. Proceeds from the show support Forrest's charity Genesis Community of the Arts, which offers free music and arts programming to marginalized youth in Central America. 
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Writer/Director: Duane Forrest
Dramaturg: Ins Choi
Producers: Duane Forrest, John McGowan
Manager: Gary Cooper
Marketing: Craig White, Jordan Dreidiger
Treasurer: Joline Bradbury
Actors: Duane Forrest, Dwain Murphy, Sandra Khan, Miguel Anthony, Dalton Derek & Deney Forrest
Dancers: Giggle Queens - Jennalee Desjardins, Ria Aikat
Musicians: Duane Forrest (guitar, lead vocals, writing), Kevin Correia(drums, percussion), Tyler Emond (Bass guitar/electric guitar/rhodes piano)
Music Director: Duane Forrest

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Jamaican-Canadian singer-songwriter, Duane Forrest, shares his stories and songs gleaned from his travels around the world. Whether he’s singing about love found and lost in Latin America, or telling stories about seeking clarity gigging throughout Asia and Europe, his soulful voice and samba-reggae vibes seeks joy and hope in this broken world. 

Proceeds support Duane's charity Genesis Community of the Arts.


Creator: Duane Forrest 

Dramaturg: Ins Choi

Producer: John McGowan

Starring: Duane Forrest

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